Structural classification of aluminum alloy concert stage truss
Structural classification of aluminum alloy concert stage truss
Aluminum alloy concert stage truss is distinguished from its structure, and can be divided into aluminum alloy screw concert stage trusses and aluminum alloy quick-insertion concert stage trusses. At present, domestic leasing companies generally purchase aluminum alloy screw trusses. With the continuous development of the stage market, the requirements for the speed of steel stage equipment construction are getting higher and higher. We believe that aluminum alloy quick-insertion truss will gradually replace aluminum Alloy screw type concert stage truss.
1. Aluminum concert stage trusses are widely used in specifications and sizes, including 300*300MM, 400*400MM, 400*500MM, 400*600MM, 520*760MM, 600*760MM.
1. The concrete method of using square tube fixed truss to build the background wall is as follows:
2. First prepare all the aluminum alloy trusses and place them on the ground, and then use screws to connect the background frames on the ground
3. Stretch a Polaroid around the background frame;
General small and medium-sized performances, only use 300*300MM, 400*400MM these two sizes are more. Large-scale performances use 520*760MM, 600*760MM, if the span exceeds the requirement of a super-large span of 30 meters or more.

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