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A Weighty Problem (Hanna-Barbera, Where’s Huddles? -7/8/70). This short-lived Summer replacement series often gives the impression of being a sort of “The Flintstones Meet the NFL.” True, there is no direct parallel to Fred. But Alan Reed is still on staff as the coach of the mythical football team, the Rhinos. Jean Vender Pyl is still the missus of the title quarterback. Mel Blanc is still the next-door neighbor (Bubba McCoy). Baby Pom Pom is still voiced identically to Pebbles. And at least a few scripts were direct retreads of Flintstones originals. Just to make the parallels even closer, Mel himself sometimes gets confused. Listen in this episode for a short set of lines as Bubba takes the field for the climactic game, which Mel accidentally delivers in the voice of Barney Rubble! Still, a few new old faces get a chance to shine. Paul Lynde, a favorite from the Columbia lot for his appearances on “Bewitched” and in “Bye Bye Birdie”, takes a brief respite from his better known appearances as The Hooded Claw to voice Claude Peevey, nosy and pernickety other next-door neighbor, who views the football-playing duo as “savages”. Marie Wilson (radio and film’s “My Frien Irma”) receives what may be her final screen credits as Mrs. McCoy. And resonant basso and former star of a series of black B-Westerns Herb Jeffries provides some ethnic mix as huge fullback Freight Train. The series takes some adjusting to, but can be watchable.

Buffed Bunny (Warner/Steven Spielberg, Tiny Toon Adventures, 9/20/90) – At a local ice cream parlor, Buster Bunny springs for a giant ice ceam cone for Babs Binny, with Babs telling the vendor to pile three kinds of ice cream, bananas, whipped cream, and a cherry atop it – then turns down the whole thing after it’s paid for because she’s on a diet. She inquires why Buster doesn’t watch his weight more, and Buster replies it’s because he’s on a “see food” diet – he sees it, and he eats it. Suddenly, Babs’ eyes pop out, as she oogles a billboard atop a nearby building, causing Buster to drop the ice cream mountain all over himself. Buster looks up to see a billboard for a diet cola, featiring a picture of body builder dog “Arnold” (a Schwarzenegger take-off in both build and voice). Buster can’t believe Babs would go for that sort of stuff, but Babs replies that girls drool for that kind of hunk. Observing his own muscles drooping like Bugs Bunny’s in “Bunny Hugged”, Buster decides a trip to Arnold’s gum is in order, where a sign proclaims that “We pump you ip and spit you out.” To illustrate the point, Plucky Duck is forcibly ejected from the door, landing in a heap on the pavement, and commenting. “These cameo roles are murder.” Arnold appears, informing Buster that “That workout didn’t work out. NEXT!”. then grabs Buster and hauls him inside.

I have never used the word “Zoinks” ever in my everyday conversation. It’s funny but whenever I do interviews, they all want me to do the Shaggy voice.

Dog Songs was “updated” (that is to say, it has the same title) by Walt Disney Records in 1996 when the first live-action remake of 101 Dalmatians was released. Except for Dr. John’s big band strutting version of “Cruella De Vil” from the remake (which was a go-to version in live character appearances), this album (60870-7) is a popular music collection, and a remarkably eclectic one at that. Instead of being bound to a specific musical sound, it runs the gamut of eras and styles.APRON

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Meme-wise, Johnny Test is best known for its overuse of the “whipcrack” sound effect, probably spammed because the animation was so cheap that the characters would often flip from one pose to another, and the best way to disguise that was to make it sound like they moved so fast they cut the atmosphere in half. Over 100 episodes were made for Cartoon Network before the series began quietly fading away…but Johnny was only hibernating. There was a web-exclusive revival last year, and now this, a full-fledged comeback.

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Now, both combatants are back to square one. Sid switches the characters’ heads back to their original places, then smacks Tex, stating, “That weren’t nice, darn it”. Tex flies across the room and into a large cupboard whose doors fly open, revealing a massive stash of boxes of candy. It seems Chastity had been watching her own figure, and never ate the many boxes of candy Tex and Sid had bought for her. The boys begin to shovel the chocolate goodies into their faces as fast as their arms will permit. Avery develops a lead, starting to squeeze Sid for elbow room. Sid pulls a cartoony fast one, by yanking Avery’s mouth clean off his face, then placing the second mouth upon his own face to permit him to eat twice as fast. Avery struggles to push candy into his face, impossible for lack of an opening. A light bulb appears as he gets an idea, and pulls out a pencil. Merely drawing a line across his face serves as the new opening for his mouth, and the race is on again. Outside, the limousine/coach pulls up to return Chastity home. As she waves her date goodbye, she turns to see her house bulge uncontrollably, then explode – revealing our two lovesick competitors, swollen up to fill the same shape and airspace where the house used to be. “What happened to you two?’. she asks. “Well, we saw ya fall for that fat guy…” begins Tex, and the result is told. “I wasn’t after that guy’s guts. I was after his gold”. Chastity reveals. Tex’s and Sid’s jaws again drop to the ground far below, with the sound effect of a claxon horn. Who should pick this moment to roll up in another limousine coach but the delivery boy, holding a massive wad of the bills they paid him. “Thanks for all the money, fatso. I guess I get the girl.” “I don’t think so”, responds Tex, who adopts Sid’s trick – pulling off his own head, and switching it with that of the delivery boy, so that now, he is in control of both the money and the carriage. Chastity’s eyes turn into hearts, and she leaps to join Tex inside the coach, as the two take off together. Sid, and the newly portly delivery boy, exchange dejected glances, then Sid offers, “You want to go for pie?” “Sure”, the boy responds. And the two of them roll down the road, as a pair of massive black balls against the rising dawn.

We would usually record one half hour episode of Scooby Doo in a couple of hours on a single day. Occasionally we might be able to do two episodes in a day. It was always fun. They always gave you food at Hanna-Barbera when you were working there. They’d have fruit there and some kind of pastry or something like that. They always went out of their way to be very hospitable to their actors. People loved working at Hanna-Barbera.

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