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It’s hard to equate foreign substances to steroids. Steroids were illegal in the country and used to help players cheat.Los Angeles Dodgers Haircut apron

Both Ramos and Mays are built more like a running back or strong safety in the NFL than a center fielder. They both are thick in their shoulders and chest, and have elite natural power and speed. Mays made his MLB debut with the Giants at 20 years old in 1951, winning NL Rookie of the Year. Ramos could be the closest homegrown outfielder the Giants have had in a long, long time.Los Angeles Angels Haircut apron

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Donaldson went as far as to compare the spin rate for some of Gerrit Cole’s pitches in his last start against the Rays (in which he gave up five earned runs), and his previous outings. Cole saw a 125 RPM decrease in his four-seam fastball, a 77-RPM decline in his changeup and a 48-RPM drop in his slider, as reported by Dan Hayes.Minnesota Twins Haircut apron

Before things wrapped up, though, Bryce Harper was furious, and understandably so. That’s because a pitch got away from Atlanta hurler Sean Newcomb and it came oh-so-close to hitting Harper right in the head.

Of course, if the Giants build some momentum off Tauchman's grand slam and carry it through their six-game road trip, his catch might have some competition.
MLB Haircut Apron DIY

Despite his current RBI drought, the bounce-back of Martinez -- who is hitting .321/.389/.569 with 12 homers after a 2020 season in which he hit just .213/.291/.389 in 54 games -- is a major reason why Boston has been a formidable force at the plate. Additionally, Bogaerts continues to be among the top offensive forces at the shortstop position, hitting .313/.371/.534 with 10 homers and 16 doubles in 55 games, while Devers also continues to impress, leading the team in homers with 15 while hitting .282/.351/.587.

Sox looking into why leg, hamstring injuries have piled up originally appeared on NBC Sports ChicagoPittsburgh Pirates Haircut apron

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